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Why six-winners?
There are many reasons why our clients hired us. Some examples:
Philosophy and personal commitment of making our clients real winners
Focused and competent in Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management
One-Stop-Shopping covering every aspect of an Operational Excellence transformation
Global – one point of contact – and local – at the place and language needed locally – with world wide coverage
Individuals who have an in depth experience in a diverse sectors and in a variety of functions
Partnership which increases our expertise and covers additional disciplines while fine-tuning our deployments
This is why we can say with confidence: lets work together and you will win. Call us at +41 44 687 44 66
About Six Winners
Who is six-winners?
Philosophy and Personal Commitment
six-winners is based on customer needs to build winning companies. As part of six-winners we all have a personal commitment to create real winners with our clients.
Focus and Competence
We have focused all our resources in building and applying our core competences around Operational Excellence. Our core systems are based around the tried, tested and proved deployment of
  Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma
  ISO 9000 and Compliance
  Supply Chain
  Change Management
As we know the individual parts, how they fit together, how keep to them together and change management, we provide a one-stop-shopping experience to become a true winner in the area of Operational Excellence.
Global and Local
To get the best people and systems world wide and be able to apply them locally is a key feature of six-winners. We provide professionals and material in the local languages who are expert in
  Training (thousands trained)
  Coaching (thousands coached)
  Deployment Consulting (over 120 clients served)
  Project execution (thousands done ourselves)
Our trainers and consultants are Lean Sensei and Six Sigma Master Black Belts and come with in depth experience built around Lean Six Sigma and other Operational Excellence methodologies
Since 2003 we further increased our footprint and expertise by forming close working relationships with other professional consulting organizations around the globe.
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