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Business leaders, deployment managers, subject matter experts, process owners all have goals and targets to meet.. If you have a challenging goal or issue to solve that is linked to the business or customer, if the problem has stood the test of time, if the solution is unknown, if you are willing to commit resources and you want a robust solution then you are in the correct place.

You are not alone, most businesses face similar problems, opportunities and root causes.

The solutions we offer are tested and proved across manufacturing and service environments.
Let us help you to overcome these challenges by contacting us today at +41 44 687 44 66
Are these your challenges?

…throughput is not meeting demand,
costs of production are impacting profitability,
quality is a problem,
complexity is increasing,
competitors are growing and at the same time you must keep your customers  and stakeholders happy.

One specific example on quality?
Less than perfect quality in your processes, products and services creates nothing but rework and waste,
to get around this you apologies to your customers,
run with higher inventory and try to manage with a hidden workforce.
But the impact is felt deeper as your cycle time must increase placing further demands on working capital and pushing us further away from your goals of growth, sales and profitability.

If you improve your quality then rework and waste reduces, this frees up capacity and our hidden workforce starts to move into value added work.
Rework and waste increases the number of things we must work on over a period, so the impact is queues and backlog which increases overall cycle time. Therefore getting quality right and focusing on causes of constraints as part of our continuous

improvement journey we will begin to add real value to your business, customers and stakeholders.

Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management will be the foundation of our methodology, our goal with the Lean and Six Sigma approach is to build in quality every time for the customer, eliminate defects, reduce waste, reduce cycle time and reduce working capital requirements.

Lean and Six Sigma has been applied successfully to all processes not just manufacturing including procurement, engineering, finance, IT, logistics, legal, sales and marketing and the list goes on.

Do not waste time – contact us today and you gain competitive advantage for yourself and your company – become a winner.

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