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The six-winners Performance BOOSTER is a ground-breaking enterprise software solution which has rapidly established itself as the 'gold standard' (most intuitive, most flexible, most functionally rich, most affordable) solution for enabling strategy execution in Fortune 500 leaders worldwide. Performance BOOSTER is totally web-based and needs no downloads.
“For many companies, linking strategy and scorecards to the details of project execution was seen as nice-to-have. Now it’s seen as vital to organizational success.
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  Carl ZEISS
LIVE => short role based demonstrations (30 min)
We will take you through a workflow based on the roles of a number of different people in the organisation. We will see which part of i-nexus Performance BOOSTER they will be using to meet their individual needs and how their individual accounts have been set up to give them the most benefit.
The version of Performance BOOSTER we will be using has been set up as an ASP hosted application for a company called Conglomoco. Conglomoco has users all around the world and – just to illustrate the point - we'd like to show you how the application might look for someone logging in from the German, Chinese and UK offices.
Ask for access to this powerful recordings by email!
Hans Grün
(Green Belt)
3 min 24 sec
Henry Green
(Green Belt)
7 min 08 sec
Joanne Black
(Black Belt))
5 min 54 sec
Bob Li
3 min 57 sec
Rachel Major
(leadership team)
8 min 37 sec
Tariq Syed
(Green Belt)
5 min 25 sec
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